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Join our internship community and pave your own IT career path.  You become a part of our community as a team member with real opportunity to make a difference, not only for the company but for yourself.  Whether you are a student, stay-at-home mom, retired, looking to make a career change, or simply wanting to learn a new skill, we support you every step of the way.   A career in IT is an excellent choice and our program can help you get there.  Learn more about how to jump start your IT career today.


Learn about our Mind Chemistry Certified .NET Enterprise Architect, Team Lead Program (Remote Options Available)

If you are an existing .NET developer and interested in growing above and beyond your current skill set, this is an excellent "no-cost" solution. Learn how to take a project from concept to reality in a real-life project setting. Design SQL Server databases, WCF and RESTful Web services, and implement the latest design patterns in this exciting environment with other team members assigned to you to construct your ideas.


How you can benefit from our system:


  1. Gaining real-life experience with a job title
  2. Earning stock ownership in the company for time on projects
  3. Networking opportunities and referrals
  4. Training and project completion certifications
  5. Online resume with all of your accomplishments
  6. Credit hours for most colleges
  7. Invitations to company social events (for team members in the Phoenix area)


How you get started uplifting your career:


  1. You choose the career path that you are interested in.
  2. You provide your availability and scheduling limits.
  3. You join our internal team site.
  4. You go through a period of training, whether its software development, business analysis, or even Internet marketing.
  5. You partner with a project manager and set up weekly call-ins for status updates.
  6. We assign you to a project.
  7. You follow along our team site guided tutorials and tasks lists with help from other team members as needed.
  8. You succeed!


  1. Technologies that all .NET developers should know


    Read to jump into the market or make that leap into a new .NET career?  Are you considering applying for the Senior .NET developer position?  Maybe you've been a .NET developer in a company for a long time and ready to move on, but unsure where you stack up these days.  At any stage of your career, check your readiness level before going for an interview.


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  2. Moving Beyond a Software Developer Role


    Interested in how to grow beyond a simple developer role? Take your developer career to the next step.


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  3. .NET Certification and Training. Is it good enough?


    Companies started making this a requirement in the early 2000's when there was a surplus of job candidates. Now-a-days employers no longer take this into consideration alone.


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  4. Benefits of Interships


    An internship can go a long way in helping you acheive your career goals. Read about the benefits of interships and its importance to IT students and career advancement minded employees


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  5. IT Job Interviews


    What are common IT job interview questions? This is a must read for those embarking on a career in IT.


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  6. IT Skills Gap


    Although there are an amazing abundance of skilled IT jobs, students are struggling to find jobs.


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  7. Job Experience vs. IT Education


    There are many with little formal training or degrees that excel in IT. IT is one of the few careers that can easily be assumed by non-college graduates with a strong technical acumen. Coincidently some with even a Masters in CS just don't cut it. Find out why.


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